Goth Types: the ultimate guide

Goth Types: The Ultimate Guide

There are different types of goth styles, each with its own vibe.

Some people like traditional goth, with lots of black and lace, while others prefer cybergoth, which is more futuristic with bright colors and neon accessories.

There’s also romantic goth, which adds a touch of elegance with Victorian-inspired clothing and jewellery.

What is Goth?

What is Goth?

Goth is a cool style that started in the 1980s. It’s all about looking dark and mysterious. People who like goth wear mostly black clothes, like corsets, lace, and leather, and they put on bold makeup with dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner. It’s not just for one gender; anyone can rock the goth look! 

From fancy goth dresses to everyday clothes, there are so many ways to express yourself with goth fashion. It’s not just about clothes, though – goth music, art, and books are also dark and moody, just like the style itself. 

Whether you’re a goth girl or guy, you can make goth your own and show off your unique style.

Types of Goth

There are different types of Goth which I have mentioned below:

Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth is a unique twist on traditional goth style, blending dark elements with pastel colors for a softer, more whimsical look. It combines the darkness of gothic fashion with the lightness of pastel hues like pink, lavender, and mint green. 

Pastel Goth often includes elements such as skull motifs, crosses, and occult symbols, but with a playful and feminine twist. It’s a way for people to express their love for both dark aesthetics and pastel colors, creating a style that’s both edgy and cute.

The pastel goth aesthetic is not just limited to clothing; it also encompasses music, art, and literature that share the same dark, moody themes. It’s a way to express oneself in a unique and creative way, a celebration of individuality and self-expression. 

The pastel goth subculture is not limited to any specific age group and continues to inspire a unique and individual style. It’s an invitation to embrace the beauty of contrasts and to let your true self shine. It’s a perfect blend of dark and light, and it’s a way to express yourself in a unique and creative way.

Trad Goth

Trad Goth

Trad Goth, short for traditional goth, is a style within the gothic subculture that harks back to its roots in the 1980s. It’s all about embracing the classic elements of goth fashion, like wearing a lot of black, incorporating lace and leather into outfits, and often featuring dramatic makeup with dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner. 

Trad Goths typically draw inspiration from gothic music and literature of the past, and their style reflects a love for the dark and mysterious aesthetic that defines traditional goth culture.

Trad Goth is not just a subculture, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about embracing individuality, self-expression and the freedom to be true to oneself. 

If you’re drawn to the darkness, the mystery and the allure of trad goth, then this subculture might be the perfect fit for you.

Cyber Goth

Cyber Goth

Cyber Goth is a fascinating subculture blending gothic fashion with a futuristic twist, featuring dark attire with neon highlights and incorporating tech elements like LED lights. 

Their music leans towards electronic and industrial genres, emphasizing community and individuality while rejecting societal norms.

With a strong sense of acceptance and a unique aesthetic, Cyber Goths create a distinctive and inclusive space within the alternative scene.

The Cyber Goth subculture is characterized by a unique sense of style, a passion for electronic music, and a celebration of technology, dancing, and independence.

Victorian/Romantic Goth

Victorian and Romantic Goth

Romantic/Victorian Goth is a subculture blending traditional gothic vibes with romanticism, like a love letter to the dark side. 

They rock Victorian-style clothing with dark colors, lace, and accessories like chokers. Makeup features dark eyes and pale skin, while their music, like gothic rock, has a melodic touch. 

Romantic Goths celebrate the beauty in darkness, finding solace and expressing their individuality through this unique blend of aesthetics and mindset.

The music of romantic goths is also typically gothic rock, but with a more romantic and melodic edge. Bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, and Fields of the Nephilim are often considered to be romantic goth bands.

Soft Goth

Soft Goth

Soft goth is like a chill version of traditional gothic style. Instead of heavy clothes and bold makeup, soft goth embraces a more gentle and romantic look. 

Flowy black dresses, lace, and velvet are key, adding elegance and femininity. Soft goth also mixes in pastel colors for a playful touch. It’s not just about clothes; soft goths reject dark themes and focus on whimsical vibes, often adding fantasy elements like delicate jewellery and natural motifs. 

It’s all about expressing yourself in a softer, more approachable way while still embracing the beauty of darkness. Whether you’re a seasoned goth or new to the scene, soft goth is a style worth checking out for its focus on creativity and individuality.

Hippie Goth

Hippie Goth

Hippie Goth is a cool mix of hippie and gothic styles. People who follow this trend like to express themselves freely and live life their own way, just like hippies. 

They wear loose, flowy clothes and love natural materials. But they also add some dark and mysterious touches, like black clothing and accessories. 

It’s all about being yourself and embracing both the light and the dark sides of fashion and life.

The secret to wearing the Hippie Goth look is to accept your uniqueness and allow your imagination to run wild.The Hippie Goth look is the ideal approach to embracing your inner rebel and flaunting your unique style, whether going to a music festival or running errands. This is one of the best different types of goth styles.

Lolita Goth

Lolita Goth

Lolita Goth is a special fashion style that mixes elements of Japanese Lolita fashion with gothic vibes. It’s all about dresses and skirts with frills and lace, often in darker colors like black and purple. 

This look also includes corsets, chokers, and bold eyeliner. Unlike regular goth fashion, Lolita Goth focuses on being modest and innocent, with cute and playful touches. 

People who love this style form a close community, often getting together at events to show off their unique outfits. It’s a cool blend of elegance and darkness that’s definitely worth trying if you’re into fashion and want something different!

Nu Goth

Nu Goth

Nu Goth, also known as “new goth,” is a modern take on the classic gothic style. It mixes traditional gothic elements like dark clothes and makeup with today’s fashion trends, like streetwear and punk. 

Nu goths love expressing themselves uniquely, mixing different styles to create their own look. They often add bright colors and humor to their outfits, making the subculture more fun and diverse. It emphasizes fashion more strongly than music or ideology, which are less distinctive.

Social media plays a big role, letting nu goths from all over the world connect and share their passion for the style.

Perky Goth

Perky Goth

Perky Goth is a cool new style mixing traditional gothic vibes with a playful twist. It’s all about being dark and edgy, but also cute and quirky. 

Perky goths rock black clothes and accessories like fishnet tights and chunky boots, but they also add pops of bright colors and fun prints. They love oversized stuff, like big sweaters and chunky jewelry, to make a statement. 

Perky goth is about being yourself, having fun with your look, and showing off your dark and playful sides at the same time. So, if you’re into standing out and having a blast with fashion, give perky goth a try!

Vampire Goth

Vampire Goth

Vampire goth is a cool style that mixes gothic and vampire vibes. These styles of goths gained popularity because of the early vampire tales written by authors like Anne Rice.

People who love it wear dark and mysterious clothes like long capes and corsets. They also add vampire stuff like fangs and pale makeup. 

Accessories like chokers and skull jewelry complete the look. It’s a way for folks to express their love for all things dark and spooky, and those who are into it often find friends who share their interests.

Bohemian Goth

Bohemian Goth

Bohemian Goth style combines the dark, spooky vibes of gothic culture with the free-spirited look of bohemian fashion. It’s all about wearing natural fabrics and loose, flowy clothes in dark colors like black, brown, and deep reds.

Bohemian Goths love accessories like long scarves, leather boots, and bold jewellery made from feathers, stones, or crystals. They might wear long skirts, baggy pants, layered tops, or flowy blouses.

Their makeup and hairstyles mix bohemian and gothic elements too, with subtle makeup highlighting bold lips or smokey eyes, and long, natural-looking hair styled in braids or waves.

Goth Accessories Tips

Accessories are really important for finishing up a goth style, and they can be small and simple or big and noticeable. 

Let’s talk about some easy ideas and examples for adding goth accessories to your outfit:

Goth Earrings

Want to make your gothic style even cooler? Try these awesome earrings. They come in different designs like skulls or mystical symbols, and they’ll make your outfit look darker and more stylish.

  • Black Lace Tassel Earrings
  • Pentagram Earrings
  • Bat Wing Earrings
  • Skeleton Hand Earrings

Goth Rings

Make your outfit cool with these rings. They range from big skulls to simpler styles, all adding a gothic vibe to your look:

  • Black Onyx Ring
  • Skull Ring
  • Spiderweb Ring
  • Snake Ring

Goth Backpacks

Carry your stuff in cool backpacks that are a bit different. These backpacks have pictures and symbols that look spooky or mysterious. They’ll make people notice you when you’re out and about.

  • Backpack with Skull Pictures
  • Backpack with Chains
  • Soft Backpack made of Velvet
  • Strong Backpack made of Leather

Goth Sunglasses

Cover your eyes with cool gothic sunglasses. They have dark and mysterious frames and lenses, which make them perfect for adding a gothic vibe to your outfit.

  • Round Gothic Sunglasses
  • Cat Eye Gothic Sunglasses
  • Hexagon Gothic Sunglasses
  • Square Gothic Sunglasses

Goth Necklaces

Stand out with these cool gothic necklaces. They come in all sorts of shapes like skulls, bats, and mysterious symbols, bringing a dark vibe to any outfit.

  • Choker Necklace: A tight necklace worn around the neck.
  • Cross Necklace: A necklace with a cross-shaped pendant.
  • Crescent Moon Necklace: A necklace with a pendant shaped like a crescent moon.
  • Chain Necklace: A necklace made of linked metal chains.

Goth Boots

Check out these cool gothic boots! They’re inspired by gothic, Victorian, and steampunk styles, so they’ll give your outfit a dark edge. 

  • Combat Boots
  • Lace-up Boots
  • Platform Boots
  • Buckle Boots


In summary, the goth subculture is a varied and constantly changing community with many different styles and sub-groups. From classic goth, which draws inspiration from Victorian fashion and a fascination with darkness, to cyber goth, with its futuristic and industrial look, there’s something for everyone. Romantic goths embrace the poetic side of gothic aesthetics, while nu goths, or “hipster goths”, mix gothic and alternative styles with modern streetwear. Vampire goths are intrigued by vampire lore and often incorporate elements of it into their style. Whatever type of goth you are, the key is to stay true to yourself and your unique style.

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